Opinion Piece – Washington Examiner : CBD needs proper regulation; that doesn’t mean it’s snake oil

In a recent Washington Examiner op-ed, Dr. Robert DuPont claimed that cannabidiol or CBD is “the new snake oil.” It’s an unfair characterization, but I understand his concerns.

As the CEO of a CBD company, I support the incredible work of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. My own son, a cancer survivor, is here in large part due to these advances. Moreover, I support and encourage regulation of the CBD industry and thoroughly support clinical research into CBD efficacy. “Intelligent” regulation will help consumers to make informed choices and facilitate accurate product comparisons when considering a CBD product. Clinical research will help to refine the specific health benefits and provide clarity relative to dosing for a given application.

It will take many years to conduct the necessary clinical studies of CBD across the diverse health applications by which people report benefits. In the meantime, people do report benefits from CBD.

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