Oregon: Green Light Law Group Litigation Team Delivers Total Defense Victory for Clients Jefferson Packing House and Matt Ochoa in $1.2MM Arbitration

Here’s what they say in their release

Green Light Law Group is proud to announce that lawyers Andrew DeWeese and Brittany Adikes, together with paralegal Renee Lazaras, have prevailed for our clients Jefferson Packing House (“JPH”) and Matt Ochoa in private arbitration. Plaintiff Lotus Apothecary, LLC (“Lotus”), originally filed the case in circuit court (case no. 20CV18339), alleging that JPH breached its storage contract with Lotus and basically stole more than 1,500 lbs. of Lotus’ harvested marijuana. Lotus also sued Matt Ochoa, the owner of JPH, personally, attempting to pierce JPH’s corporate veil and hold Mr. Ochoa personally liable for its purported losses. Lotus’ complaint alleged entitlement to damages exceeding $1.2 million.

At a private arbitration held in Southern Oregon, before Arbitrator (and former circuit court judge) Daniel Harris, Green Light Law Group and JPH proved, through the testimony of multiple witnesses and competent evidence, that Lotus’ claims were baseless, and Arbitrator Harris entered an award completely exonerating JPH of any liability.

“We are very pleased with this result,” says partner Andrew DeWeese. “Jefferson Packing House has long been an invaluable resource for Southern Oregon marijuana growers, and Matt is a stalwart of the industry and a true OG. It’s an honor to bring home this win for the good guys.”

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