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On March 13, Oregon Health Authority official Carole Yann told Sheriff Shane Nelson and District Attorney John Hummel the law doesn’t permit the agency to provide the list. Instead, local law enforcement — on a case-by-case basis — can verify the registration status of a site through a database or call the medical marijuana program managed by Yann, she said.

On Thursday, Hummel and Nelson challenged that justification and said they need the list to help identify illegal grow sites. “I respectfully suggest that providing Sheriff Nelson and I with the addresses of medical marijuana grow sites does not run afoul of Oregon statutory law,” Hummel wrote to Yann in a letter that was also signed by Nelson.

On Tuesday, officials in Josephine County sued the state in federal court, asserting that Oregon laws that made pot legal are pre-empted by a federal law that criminalizes it.

The cases illustrate a continuing struggle by local, state and federal officials over pot.

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