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2019 Legislative Session – Policy Concepts and Priorities

We have been working with lawmakers and stakeholders on our priority legislation for next year.  Our meetings with key representatives, senators, and allies have gone very well so far.

That being said we also want your input. Please take moment and review the legislative concepts below and let Jesse Bontecou know what you think, what we’re missing, and if you want to help.

1) Exporting Cannabis

Our meetings with legislators have been very successful We are working with Adam Smith and the Craft Cannabis Alliance to further the discussion and we are gaining traction. Please sign the letter at and share it with your networks. We need as much industry support as possible so please add your name today.

2) Creating Social Consumption Venues / Cannabis Lounges / Tasting Rooms

There have been significant strides on this issue since 2017 when it was first discussed in the legislature. We believe there is a path to victory this time. We are working with a strong group of advocates under the umbrella of the New Revenue Coalition.  Please visit the coalition’s website and add your support.

3) Ending Employment Discrimination for Off-Hours Legal Cannabis Use

A version of this bill was introduced to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017 as SB 301.  We are spearheading the conversations this year with lawmakers and have gotten this concept reintroduced for the 2019 session.  If Vancouver BC cops can consume on their off hours without fear of losing their livelihood then I think the average worker in Oregon should be allowed too as well.

4) Automatic Expunctions For Past Cannabis Offenses

This is another example of legislation that was explored in past sessions but didn’t have enough support.  Our legislative proposal would change the current system of expungement through an application to a system that automatically reviews and expunges the appropriate past cannabis convictions from peoples’ records without a need for an application. This is similar to the new expungement law in California and what folks are fighting for in Canada.

This is important because the application process is expensive, time-consuming, and circuitous. As a result, many have not taken advantage of the opportunity.  This bill would impact many more people.

Feedback: Please take a moment and let Jesse Bontecou know what you think, what we’re missing, and if you want to help.  We will be updating you on our progress as legislation advances through the process – and there will definitely be several opportunities to get involved, provide testimony, attend Lobby Days, etc. We invite you to voice your support for all of these priorities.