Paraguay issues 12 medical cannabis production licenses

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The companies that received the licenses were notified Feb. 21.

Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni first announced the milestone for the South American country via Twitter on Monday.

When the application process originally launched in October 2019, five licenses were up for grabs.

But on Jan. 30, 2020, a presidential decree increased the number of licenses to be granted to 10.

At the end, the Ministry of Health granted 12 licenses.

This licensees, listed alphabetically, are:

  1. Annabelle S.A.
  2. Comfar S.A.E.C.A.
  3. Consorcio CannaPar
  4. Consorcio Fusquim S.A. Improlabs
  5. Consorcio Green Flower
  6. Convergencia S.A.
  7. Dutriec S.A.
  8. Grupo AFA S.A.
  9. Laboratorio As Farm S.A.
  10. Pharma Industries S.A.
  11. Swiss Pharma Group S.A.
  12. Tavira S.A.

Licensed producers will have to donate 2% of the medical marijuana production to the state, which will distribute the drug free of cost to qualifying patients.


Paraguay issues first 12 medical cannabis production licenses



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