Portuguese Socialist Party (PS) Forms Working Party To Look Into Adult Use Cannabis – Will Work With Others In The Parliament

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One of Portugal’s major political parties is to establish a working group to explore the possibility of legalising cannabis for non-medical purposes, in collaboration with other parliamentary groups.

The regulation of recreational cannabis in Portugal may be imminent, following the European trend to review drug policies.

According to local media, Agência Lusa, the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS) – which currently holds a majority in the Portuguese government – intends to evaluate the use of cannabis for non-medical purposes. 

Leader of the PS parliamentary bench , Eurico Brilhante Dias, announced its intention to create a working group dedicated to exploring the recreational use of cannabis, during the party’s first meeting after the parliamentary summer break.

A draft resolution outlines the formation of this working group, which would operate within the parliament’s Health Committee. The PS leader argues that this is an issue that directly involves public health and, therefore, it is appropriate that the commission responsible for health be the host of this effort.

“We are going to study, we are going to delve deeper, we are going to listen to different experts in different areas to deepen our reflection,” Brilhante Dias told Lusa, emphasising the party’s commitment to conducting a complete and informed analysis. 

The objective is to complete this process by the end of the year, culminating in a conference focused on the non-medical use of cannabis.

Open to collaboration with other parliamentary groups

Brilhante Dias stressed that, after debating and delving deeper into the topic, the party will consider the possibility of presenting a legislative initiative. 

However, he also made it clear that the PS does not intend to follow this path alone. On the contrary, it is open to collaboration with other parliamentary groups.

Is Portugal preparing to legalise adult-use cannabis?

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