Passing a urine drug test is a challenge in itself. This test is given immense importance at the time of recruitment, where the employers may ask their employees to provide a urine drug test without any prior notice. And passing this test becomes the only aim of your life at that time if you are actually serious about the job.

Depending on any synthetic urine may leave you helpless if caught at the time of the test. Thus, using real powdered urine is the only option left for you as a savior. Let us now discuss what real powdered urine actually is and how it can help you pass the urine drug test. 

Real Powdered urine is the actual urine in the dehydrated and powdered form. There are numerous test kits available which you can purchase and use to increase your chances of passing the urine drug test. Most of the highly recommended and best kits give you an instruction page with all the steps to follow written on it with the precautions to be taken. 


What a Powdered urine kit consists of?

Most of the Real Powdered kits available in the online market comprises of following things:

  1. Vial which contains the powdered urine (Vial is actually a cylindrical container used for holding liquid material)
  2. A medical transport vial which is approximately 50 ml in the form of plastic with a lid
  3. A strip attached to the bottle which is the temperature booster
  4. Heaters which are air-activated (most of the test kits gives two radiators)


What instructions does the Powdered Urine kit give?

  1. The first step is to pour the whole of the powdered urine into the tube, which was initially in the vial. 
  2. The second step is to add water to the tube containing the powdered urine and shake it by holding on the cap until it is adequately mixed and completely dissolved. 
  3. The third step consists of taking the heaters out of the packet, stripping off the paper, and sticking it to the back of the tube, precisely opposite to the strip of temperature. 
  4. One thing you should keep in mind before starting your experiment is that your powdered urine temperature should be between 90-99 degrees Fahrenheit i.e., the average room temperature. 


How can your experiment become successful? 

There are specific tips and tricks that must be followed to get the best result and pass the urine drug test. Some of those tips are mentioned below: 

  1. The water you are using for conducting the experiment should be at room temperature because if the temperature of the water is more than this, it may result in the severe burn as the heater automatically raises it’s the temperature to 90-99°F
  2. Sometimes, you may find difficulty in noting down the heat from the strip, and it may disappear at times. It just indicates that either it is too hot or too cold to be used. 
  3. The temperature strips provided in most test kits are accurate, reusable, and useful; just you need to follow the correct method. Use the heater if it is too cold and blow gently into the tube if it is too hot. 
  4. If you still have doubts about the temperature strip, use an additional thermometer to get satisfied. 
  5. The heater should be kept at an appropriate distance from the tube; otherwise, it may give a wrong reading. The use of a rubber band or tape is the best to maintain the correct range.
  6. You should remove the heater from the tube if it’s temperature has raised up to 100 degrees. 


Some additional tips for how you can pass urine drug test 

  1. Additional to the powdered urine kit, getting some cleansing or detox drinks and toxic rid programs can help you at times. They are just meant to remove toxins from your body in one way or the other. You can buy cleansing drinks online and get a toxic rid program according to the days left with you in your urine drug test. 
  2. Many times, it happens that the person gets to know about the test one or two days earlier, where the cleansing drinks and toxic rid programs won’t work much. Real powdered urine is the last option left with you in such cases. 
  3. Also, this test kit is made keeping in mind the gender discrimination. Any person, male or female, can use this kit easily as all the components in the package are free from gender discrimination.
  4. One important thing the person needs to keep in his/her mind is that you have to perform this test wisely because you may not know that you are observed or not. Thus, one of the options is to store the powdered urine under your clothes so that even if you are being observed, you are not caught. 
  5. Thus, just be confident while performing the experiment and be prepared beforehand.


Powdered vs. Synthetic urine

 Other than difference in form, both powdered and liquid synthetic pee feature unique advantages and drawbacks related to their form factor.

Unlike a synthetic sample that comes already premixed, powdered urine is actually 100% natural human urine that has gone through mass dehydration. As such, it contains all the chemical compounds of real drug-free human urine, but it has to be mixed with water before the drug test.

And while it’s preparation can be tricky, TestClear powdered urine provides an incredibly high chance of success because it’s identical to real pee. It’s also easier to store, as it usually features a longer shelf-life when compared to liquid samples, as this publication notes about Test Clear’s powdered urine kit.

When it comes to drug tests, using powdered urine is the best, as it’s a 100% human urine and provides incredibly high-chances of success. That said, sometimes convenience is vital, and liquid samples provide just that, despite their relatively lower pass rate.