Here’s how they are pushing the product

Maricann Capsules are a critical innovation in medicinal cannabis therapy as they deliver medicine in a dosage form widely utilized in the pharmaceutical industry, provide precise dosing in each capsule, enhance patient compliance and will be formulated to support therapeutic efficacy. All natural cannabis extract will be delivered in a vegan capsule format, initially in four products: 15mg and 25mg cannabidiol (CBD) capsules and 5mg and 10mg THC capsules, allowing physicians and patients to more easily control dosing and choose the cannabinoid therapy they prefer. In parallel, Maricann will commence production of its exclusive and patented VesiSorb™ technology in capsule format. VesiSorb™ is approved in the delivery of other lipophilic (fat-soluble pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations) drugs by Health Canada, the US Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency. Application of VesiSorb is not limited to capsules, but spans entire product categories of ingestibles, including capsules, edibles and functional beverages. See the VesiSorb difference in the following link: VesiSorb