According to this press release- CBD hand sanitizer is the future.. next thing is that Trump will be pushing it !

Here’s the rather self conratulatory PR…..

Loyal Provacan and CiiTECH customers rushed online to place orders for Provacan CBD hand sanitiser last week, however, many were left empty handed and disappointed.

As many of us are preparing for lessened lock-down restrictions and stocking up on face masks and hand sanitiser, CiiTECH wants to make sure that its customers are well taken care of and can always count on the leading UK brand, Provacan. Therefore, if you need to stock up on some more hand sanitiser the company is expecting to be back in stock next week. A 15 per cent discount on Provacan CBD hand sanitiser on its website will also be available to compensate for the delay many people suffered due to the rush.

Contains 50mg of pure CBD isolate

Provacan CBD Hand Sanitiser is a ready-to-use, rinse-free, formula enriched with a whopping 50mg CBD and hemp seed oil. The antibacterial and moisturising sanitiser also contains 75 per cent isopropyl alcohol killing 99.9 per cent of germs while leaving skin feeling hydrated and protected from infection. The CBD hand sanitiser comes in a 30ml spray bottle that is easy to use and easy to take-on-the-go.

“It’s never happened that one of our products has sold out so quickly,” said Clifton Flack, CEO and founder of CiiTECH. “We expected a high demand, but to sell out within two hours took us by surprise. We are absolutely overwhelmed at the loyalty our customers have shown us. Due to this popular demand we have quickly produced another round of our Provacan CBD hand sanitiser and are expecting it to be available online next week.”

Made in the EU on behalf of CiiTECH Ltd

Provacan is the flagship brand of company CiiTECH – a biotech company that focuses on the science, formulation and development of CBD products for the UK and global markets.

Provacan never ceases to let its customers down. The brand offers a full range of CBD products that are constantly growing to meet the latest developments and customer demands. It is made with CBD formulations that are produced from the highest quality 100 per cent legal EU Hemp.

Provacan’s exceptional customer care and service has not let customers down before and has not let them down this time. To claim the 15 per cent discount and to back order the CBD and hemp seed hand sanitiser follow this link: