Press Release: UK Leading British Medical Cannabis and CBD Company, Cannaray, Announces First UK Medical Cannabis Prescription 

Following a £7.8 million Series A funding round in 2019, Cannaray has announced the fulfilment of its first UK patient prescription as the company continues to grow, becoming one of UK’s largest Medical Cannabis and CBD company. 

Cannaray today announces the fulfilment of its first Medical Cannabis prescription in the UK. The fulfilment, which has been prescribed to Jorja Emerson, a three-year-old British girl who suffers from severe epilepsy, demonstrates a real progression in the quest to allow patients to access pioneering treatments of Medical Cannabis.

In collaboration with one of the world’s largest Cannabis companies Aphria Inc, Cannaray was able to fulfil this prescription. Aphria has novel cannabis formulations and delivery systems that are to European medical standards which are currently not available from other sources for UK patients.

With a Series A funding round securing the backing of £7.8 million, Cannaray is pleased to be able to mark this significant milestone with Jorja’s prescription, cementing its position as one of Europe’s leading Medical Cannabis and CBD company.

Cannaray CEO, Scott Maguire commented: “Working with the medical community to provide specialist support and access to cannabis-based drugs for patients in dire need of this treatment is fundamental to our strategy. We are pleased to assist Robin in accessing treatment for his daughter and we will continue to drive for broader and continuous cannabis access for patients.”

In addition to the news of the successful investment round, Cannaray has appointed Gregor Zorn as the company’s Chief Scientific Officer. Gregor has a rich career in Medical Cannabis research and is one of the leading names in the evolution of Medical Cannabis as a treatment and therapy.

Cannarary is also pleased to announce that they are starting a new round for expansion in 2020 following on from the success of the most recent funding outreach.

Quote from Gregor Zorn, Chief Science Officer: “Improvements in technology and dedicated research have allowed us to start understanding the full potential of this healing plant. I am honoured to be joining this amazing team of professionals and I am looking forward to adding my expertise in achieving Cannarays vision of providing patients with the best medical cannabis and cannabinoid-based products.”

Alongside this, Cannaray is pleased to announce the appointment of the business’s first Director of Patient Support, Robin Emerson. Father of Jorja Emerson, Robin will work with Cannaray patients and families to provide support and offer first-hand insight to those seeking prescriptions or undergoing treatment.

Quote from Robin Emerson, Patient Advocate Director: “I am delighted to join the Cannaray team in being able to bring real-world knowledge for the company to understand the patient needs and requirements.”

Cannaray is the only UK-based medical cannabis and CBD business with a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of specialists who are key opinion leaders covering the five areas for medical cannabis use in the UK (Multiple Sclerosis, Chemo-Induced Nausea and Vomiting, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain and Tourettes), and Cannaray is delighted to announce the below experts will be joining the existing group of world-leading experts.

    • Dr Benjamin Thomas, Pain Specialist
    • Dr David Moorhouse, General Neurologist
    • Dr Daniela Tonucci, Pain Specialist
    • Dr Tom Jenkins, Neurologist
    • Dr Emily Collins, Palliative Medicine
    • Dr Andrew Aswani, Intensive Care and Anesthesiologist
    • Dr Peter Laing, Drug Delivery Scientific Expert
    • Simon Tallett, Pharmacist
    • Richard Davey, Pharmaceutical Distribution

Cannaray’s brand mission is to make a positive impact on global health while simultaneously working to professionalise the industry with products that offer tangible benefits. Consumers are currently aware of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, but cannot easily access quality solutions.

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