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For Distribution: 19 April 2017

Ganja Law ( ) is throwing a private gala in Denver Colorado for a chance to meet with the AFN board to discuss investment opportunities.

This shall be the only private event AFN shall be attending prior to their public merger and acquisition May 30, 2017 on the NYSE.

AFN has entered the FinTech space, operating an electronic mobile payment system called eXPO™.

AFN, is registered under the Department of the Treasury/FinCEN as a non-bank financial institution and regulated by the IRS.

AFN is presently poised to take the vast majority position in the cannabis financial world including but not limited to mobile applications, banking, electronic payments and merchant services.

AFN has already partnered with a major international monetary platform, offering more than 800,000 facilities, as well as with the largest cannabis internet TV and radio platform in the USA.

AFN will offer full and complete monetary compliance services, U.S. treasure deposits, major U.S. banking support and full faith and credit covering all deposits on hand.

In conjunction with industry subject matter experts, eXPO™ has a targeted plan to derive large cash flow through 5 channels of payments:

1. Subscription monthly fees: businesses pay a monthly fee to maintain status on eXPO™ Member network. These subscription fees account for significant cash flow revenue.

2. Transaction fees: Businesses pay eXPO™ for receipt of credit card funded eXPO™ credit. AFN receives a spread between cost and cost of money redemption. This transaction margin covers the cost of credit card processing plus a margin. In large revenue industries, this accounts for more than 60% of the revenue; transaction fees.

3. Monetization: Businesses and Consumer Members are presented with products and services which Alliance collects a fee for success eXPO™ Media.

4. eXPO™ Radio. Alliance receives a fee for commercial content, 8 times per hour.

5. eXPO™ Media video display: Alliance receives a fee for commercial content, twice per minute on advertising revenue in store advertising.

This is currently the single greatest direct investment opportunity in the US & global cannabis market and it comes with the added bonus of no research costs or product handling for investors. Federal US regulations, a conservative and nervous banking system as well as the growing need for the cannabis industry to bank its money safely offers investors a great opportunity in a market that is currently growing faster than the tech sector.

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