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The Impact of Cannabis Legalization on tobacco and alcohol

APRIL 24TH, 2018

Historically, both the tobacco and alcoholic drinks industries have been dominant, mainstream industries with a global market size of $620 billion for alcoholic drinks and $660 billion USD for tobacco, respectively. Compared to the behemoths of alcohol and tobacco, the market for cannabis is still relatively small, estimated at about $150 billion USD. But legislation continues to pass that increases accessibility to marijuana – both for medical and recreational use.

As the cannabis market continues to grow globally, what impact will this have on the alcoholic beverages and tobacco industry? Additionally, are these industries set to be competing for market share or will they end up being complimentary of one another?

In a recent webinar, Euromonitor International’s Shane MacGuill, Head of Tobacco Research, and Spiros Malandrakis, Head of Alcoholic Drinks Research, analyze the potential impact the legalization cannabis will have on alcoholic drinks and tobacco.


White Paper

Cannabis Legalization’s Impact on the Global Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco Industries


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