She went by the pseudonym Amy Anonymous and was known for self-filming baking tutorials and distributing them online.

Nothing akin to the attractive and enticing cooking videos of today, Amy shot the videos in her kitchen and, generally speaking, only exposed her hands and the bowl that she used for baking. Ultimately, she did not want her ability to help people taken away from her.

This was years ago.

Fast forward, and we’ve reached a time when recreational marijuana use is just about fully legal in Canada.

Now, Amy can go by her real name of Amy Brown instead of Amy Anonymous.

Brown now has legitimate cooking videos with her face entirely exposed. She bakes marijuana edibles, many of which she distributes to celebrities. She also teaches cooking classes for people who use medicinal marijuana.

With the legalization of marijuana, Brown’s experience has put her in a great position to capitalize on this opportunity. Many people believe that edibles and non-marijuana plant products are where the trends are taking us.

According to a 2017 study by Dalhousie University, “46% of Canadians said they would try cannabis-infused food products if they became available on the market, and 39% would be willing to try it in a restaurant.”

Enter Dooma Wendschuh and Province Brands, an innovative new company that’s in the process of creating the world’s first beer brewed entirely from the cannabis plant.

You bet he’s excited about it.

“People have been experimenting for many years by substituting hops with marijuana,” he said. “We did something totally different which is to find a way to brew a beer from the cannabis plant itself.”

As it stands now, this will be the only psychoactive beverage of its kind available on the market. Somehow, someway, Province Brands has found a way to have the cognitive effects both kick in and fade earlier in the process than usual. This was designed to be remotely similar, on some level, to the effects of alcohol.

As humorous as it is, Wendschuh credits the endless nights in college during which he spent night after night drinking himself “silly”. As Wendschuh understands it, alcohol was poison to his body and he was reducing his lifespan. He knew there had to be a different, safer alternative to drinking. Having said that, the biggest issue with marijuana was that rolling a joint outside in sub-30-degree weather or eating a 300-calorie cookie wasn’t overly appealing.

That’s where Wendschuh’s brilliant idea for his cannabis drink came in. He thought it through and is now set to take center stage.

Although located in Toronto, Province Brands conducts a great deal of research in Colorado and is exploiting the smokables industry in a very productive way; it is using components of the marijuana plant that can’t be disposed of because it’s a controlled substance.

Wendschuh asserts: “We can take it off their hands and turn it into a delicious tasting beer.”

Wendschuh plans to release his beer to the public sometime in 2019.