Psymposia highlight moves by the risk taking mining sector who are shapeshifting into the world of psychedelic investment and listings.

Those of you with memories will be fully aware that around 2014-2016 mining and especially Australian outfits listed left right and centre in the cannabis sector.

The modus operandi hasn’t changed. Knock up a quick board preferably with a couple of scientists, start pushing out press releases and pump up that stock.

Anybody with half a brain knows who the winners and losers are in this game

New Series: From Mining to Mushrooms
A series exploring the infiltration of the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry by companies, investors, and executives from extractive industry.

Individuals with extensive histories in the mining industry are entering the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry as speculative investors and executives.

Manganese, Lithium, and Psychedelics: The Next Big Wave…For Speculative Investors


Pt:1 As Psychedelics Enter the Mainstream, Mining Companies Look to Dig Up Profits

Canadian mining and exploration company AIS Resources has had a number of executives move on to found psychedelic pharmaceutical businesses. Why? Because psychedelics are where the money’s at.