So .. we decided to  ask our source on the island what they were hearing.

Yes we have sources in all the places you wouldn’t imagine !

To remind you here’s the MJ puff piece that looks suspiciously like a press release re-write without the accreditation.

Puerto Rico medical marijuana market ‘growing exponentially’

Our source set to work trying to get a sense of what was really happening with cannabis on the island.

A detailed report is to follow but here’s some bullet points that suggest elements of nepotism and quite frankly fantasy on behalf of the original press release writer.

When a response came through from our source  within 48 hours  with the opening gambit….

It is a shame but the institutionalized corruption is out of control over here.

We sense something may be amiss in the state of Puerto Rico, to paraphrase the bard.

Here are the bullets to ensure clarity

  • The President of Senate (Uber conservative and aggressive, his nickname is “the white shark”) launched an investigation of the medical cannabis law because he thinks that it is not working/being used properly.
  • They held a public hearing, without proper publicity, to hear from the community for the investigation but only the Secretary of Justice and one Dean from the public university went to give opinions.
  • Neither want the cannabis business to flourish, the dean actually wants to prohibit the sale of flowers.
  • The Governor has expressed his desire to continue working for the growth of the industry or at least medicinal for the time being.  It looks like the debate will be interesting since he is facing opposition from his own party in the Senate.

We had also asked about Cannavision and their activities on the island

Cannavision. One of the board members, Andres Romero, is the son of one of the past governor’s of Puerto Rico and the proposed bill hasn’t reached yet the house of representatives.

Our source writes, It sparks my curiosity that they are sending press releases implying that the hemp legislation is law already. I have asked around and no one has any idea of status of the legislation and of Cannavision. 

Here are some cannaVision links if you’d like to learn about the company from their perspective