The vagaries of state and federal law in the USA……

Arizona medical cannabis patient Nathan Freddy was charged with possession after a Bureau of Land Management ranger smelled cannabis in his pack while he was hiking on federal land.

An Arizona medical cannabis patient has been charged under federal law with cannabis possession following a stop and search by a Bureau of Land Management ranger, Phoenix New Times reports. Nathan Freddy said he was stopped while hiking near a canyon in Winkleman by the officer who was investigating unauthorized vehicles at the trailhead. 

Freddy told the New Times that during the conversation with the officer he had opened his backpack to retrieve something and the officer said he smelled cannabis. Freddy admitted to possessing a pipe but the officer searched the bag and found a bag of cannabis, a grinder, and a vape pen. The officer cited Freddy for cannabis possession under federal law.  

During his first court appearance, Freddy said prosecutors offered to drop the charge if he paid half of the associated fine; however, Freddy refused on principle. Freddy said he brought the contraband onto federal land because he felt it was safer to bring it with him than leave it at his campsite or vehicle.  

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Registered Cannabis Patient Cited for Possession While Hiking on Federal Land