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Rep. Scott Slater

Representative Scott Slater has introduced multiple bills this week regarding the state’s medical marijuana program including legislation that would increase the number of permits for medical marijuana compassion centers from three to six, with a permit being distributed in each of Rhode Island’s counties.

The Legislation

Slater has also introduced legislation which adds post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of medical conditions acceptable to join the medical marijuana program, while accelerating the application process for those in hospice care.

“Study after study continues to find useful medical applications for marijuana, including helping those with crippling ailments such as PTSD and those that are suffering incredible pain at the end of their lives. Both those with PTSD and those in hospice care deserve our compassion toward their suffering and if marijuana helps ease their pain, it is our responsibility to allow legal access to marijuana for these patients in the hopes that their lives become as comfortable as possible,” said Rep. Slater.

Other legislation was introduced prohibiting employers from refusing to hire, discharging or discriminating against any individual on account of their medical use of marijuana, unless the employee is impaired while at work. The act also protects drug testing.

“Marijuana is now an acceptable medicine for certain conditions that is protected by law, therefore, no one should ever be discriminated against in the workplace for simply using their legally prescribed medicine. No other prescribed medication is discriminated against in the workplace and legally prescribed medical marijuana should be treated no differently,” said Slater.

Other legislation included a bill that increases the amount of marijuana that residential and non-residential cooperative cultivators may lawfully possess, a bill that increases the amount of usable and unusable marijuana cardholders and caregivers may be allowed to have in their possession.

All legislation submitted by Representative Slater has been introduced to the House Committee on Judiciary.

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