We have been aware of her interest in the subject for over a year now but it is interesting to see how she has now become more vocal about the subject?

Pauline Hanson calls for medical cannabis to be made more affordable for desperate families who need it for health reasons

  • Senator Pauline Hanson has called for medical cannabis to be more affordable
  • Toddler Carli Edwards needs $1,100 worth of CBD oil for her epileptic seizures 
  • Ms Hanson said the Edwards family is one of many struggling to afford medicine
  • In Australia, medical cannabis is 20 to 40 per cent higher than other countries  
  • Australia’s main medical cannabis is CBD oil, which is used for pain and epilepsy 
  • CBD oil is absent of the psychoactive THC, which is often used recreationally

Queensland senator Pauline Hanson has called for medical cannabis to be made affordable for families who are spending thousands of dollars a month on medicine.

Ms Hanson shared a clip from A Current Affair on Friday, using it as an example of Australians who are struggling to afford medical cannabis to treat their conditions.

In the video, parents Chad and Tamara Edwards give their young daughter Carlie CBD oil to treat her seizures caused by druvet syndrome.

The syndrome is a rare, drug-resistant epilepsy that begins in the first year of life in an otherwise healthy infant.

The parents spend $1,100 a month on CBD oil.

Mr and Mrs Edwards, who run a family business and have three daughters, are under huge financial pressure as the cost of the oil will increase as Carlie will require larger doses as she grows older.

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