Russia has developed an Ebola vaccine from Cannabis

Says the Canna SOS report below

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that his country has developed a vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus.

After a series of tests, the drug was shown to be “more effective and stronger” than drugs currently used worldwide, Putin was quoted as saying by Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

A Russian vaccine against the Ebola virus has been presented to the World Health Organization (WHO) by Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova.

The lab drug tests showed high resistance to the virus fuve months after vaccination. – said Skvortsova

The first vaccine includes an RNA and DNA-containing virus, triggering immunization in accordance with the so-called booster mechanism when one vector enhances the effect of the other, which leads to a significant stimulation of humoral and cellular immunity.

We know, that cannabinoids killing other diseases, such as Lyme disease, is overwhelming. Cannabis is currently researched as a natural substance to fight HIV and build up the body’s immune system, since it’s one of nature’s best antiretrovirals. Our research conclude that Ebola kills by cytokine storm, a potentially fatal immune system reaction. Besides Cannabis having antiretrovirals, cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory, which decreases the severity of cytokine storm. The study of cannabinoids has led to many important discoveries in immunology–not only the existence of a new physiological system (the endocannabinoid system), but also its role in the regulation of the immune system. Studies examining the effect of cannabinoids on immunity have shown that many cellular and cytokine mechanisms are suppressed by these agents So we used them to create a vaccine. – said Minister

In laboratory conditions this vaccine allows to completely neutralize Ebola, with almost 100 percent efficacy. The vaccine is absolutely safe, and has almost no side, as well as offering an unmatched immunity-boosting effect.