RYAH Medtech signs distribution agreement with Australian medical cannabis producer Cannatrek

The deal will see RYAH provide its dry herb vaporizers and cartridges to Cannatrek, which will fill and distribute them to patients

RYAH Medtech Inc has established a foothold Down Under by reaching a distribution agreement with Cannatrak Medical Pty Ltd, a licensed medical cannabis company in Australia.

The deal will see RYAH provide its signature dose-measuring dry herb vaporizers and cartridges to Cannatrek, which will fill them with its proprietary strains and distribute them to patients.

“We are pleased to enter the Australian market by signing a strategic partnership with Cannatrek,” RYAH CEO Gregory Wagner said in a statement Thursday. “Partnering with an industry leader so soon after commercially launching our vaporizers demonstrates the value of our products to the medical plant industry and affirms our commitment to global expansion.”

Cannatrek CEO Tommy Huppert said that the RYAH vaporizers aligned with his company’s goal of providing safe products for patients.

“As a provider of pioneering plant-based medical treatments, we are committed to supporting safe usage of our products and optimizing treatment outcomes,” Huppert said in a statement.

“RYAH’s dry herb vaporizers offer unique benefits to patients, such as enabling them to set limits on how much they inhale, track their usage in real time, record how they feel after each session, and review their stats over time. This means that patients receive precise and predictable results and can better monitor the impact of their treatments.”

Cannatrek is a licensed medical cannabis company, developing a vertical seed to patient integration model. The company recently received approval to build a 160,000-square-meter facility in Victoria, Australia, which it said would make it one of the largest medical cannabis producers in the world.

Source:  https://www.proactiveinvestors.com.au/companies/news/904108/ryah-medtech-signs-distribution-agreement-with-australian-medical-cannabis-producer-cannatrek-904108.html

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