SAFE Banking CAOA, and MORE: Is Rhe Industry Ready For What’s Coming


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It’s been a busy few weeks in Washington DC for cannabis: the House Judiciary Committee approved the MORE Act, the SAFE Banking Act got attached to the National Defense Authorization Act, and Senators Schumer, Wyden, and Booker are still garnering support for the Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act.

It’s a lot to digest—but Arcview is here to help you understand what all this legislation actually means for the industry.

Join us for a Special Edition Arcview Access on Tuesday, October 12th at 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET to discuss the latest legislative pushes on Capitol Hill:

  • What is SAFE Banking, and what effects will it have on the cannabis industry?
  • What is the CAOA, and how is it affecting SAFE Banking’s chances of making it through the Senate?
  • How are federal legislators thinking about cannabis legislation, and what are the possible timelines for federal change?
  • How do state-level cannabis laws affect the federal legislative landscape?


Sarah Falvo, Director of Community at The Arcview Group, will share opening remarks before handing the mic over to David Abernathy, Principal with Arcview Consulting, to moderate the discussion between:

  • Timothy M. Day, Principal with Ice Miller
  • Jarrod Loadholt, Partner with Ice Miller
  • Amber Littlejohn, Executive Director at Minority Cannabis Business Association
  • Chris Lindsey, Director of Government Relations with Marijuana Policy Project

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