Socal Media Guru Branden Hampton Appointed Chief Cannabis Officer at GROW — The “Farmville” of Cannabis

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AUTHOR: Heather Allman


Social Media Guru Branden Hampton Joins GROW as Chief Cannabis Officer


GROW is excited to welcome Branden Hampton, the popular social media guru and early adopter, who will join the project as Chief Cannabis Officer.



Hampton is a social media veteran who became one of the first people in the world to realize the revolutionary implications of developing brands through social media. With almost 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, Hampton is the master of social media marketing, helping innumerable companies to reach their intended audiences and build mass-market brands.


Hampton was among the pioneers of social media influencer marketing, being recognized by Forbes as the #1 most influential brand on social media, having worked on the platforms since 2008. Hampton has amassed a network of 36 million followers across his social media accounts, posting an impressive portfolio of premium handles such as @WeedHumor, @Travel, @Beauty, @Makeup, @Marijuana and many more.


Meet Branden Hampton, the largest independent social media publisher in the world. (PRNewsFoto/Branden Hampton)


He has previously worked with brands like Shopify, Fashion Nova, Lyft, Postmates, DraftKings and many others. As Chief Cannabis Officer of GROW, Hampton will be responsible for developing GROW’s outreach strategy and leverage his vast network of celebrities, athletes, artists and influencers to educate on the benefits that blockchain can offer to the medical marijuana industry.



GROW is a green medicine startup working to decentralize access to cultivation and sale of medical marijuana. By using blockchain to facilitate access and verification of marijuana distribution, GROW helps foster adoption of both medicinal marijuana and blockchain in the mainstream.


The GROW HOUSE platform gamifies the process of collecting and distributing marijuana, allowing e-growers to select plants from chosen cultivation sites and GROW partners. Players cultivate, process, distribute and sell the plants for medical purposes. Rewards are distributed back to the e-growers and for the benefit of the platform to improve and grow current cultivation infrastructure and worldwide opportunities.


“GROW is a true cannabis utility token having an ecosystem, which allows people to play a game and purchase or earn digital assets, which are extremely important pieces of the puzzle to mass adoption,” said Hampton. “The platform offers a very easy entry point for people who love cannabis but are still learning about cryptocurrency.”


GROW partners include established marijuana growers such as Kannabyte, JuicyFields, Cannahealing, Sabores Púrpura, LC MED and Cannabis Intl. Aps.


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