Thursday, August 27 | 6 pm Eastern/3 pm Pacific



This event is being co-produced and co-hosted by Cannabis Forward and DiversityTalk.

DiversityTalk is a platform and network for minorities to engage in opportunities in global markets, with a particular focus on the legal Cannabis and Healthcare markets. Our mission is to empower and create safe(R) spaces for minorities to share their stories and ideas. Through collaboration, our workshops, events, blogs and podcasts aim to dispel and mitigate stigma that continues to discriminate individuals. We are committed to creating safe(R) spaces and platforms that appropriately represent individuals and their interests from a diverse range of backgrounds and intersections. We are a network, founded by minorities for minorities. This is DiversityTalk’s mission to bring people together who are often straddling on the margins of society.

Cannabis Forward is a nationwide cannabis professional networking series. Part of Business of Cannabis, Cannabis Forward was previously Leaf Forward with meet-ups throughout Canada. The series has moved completely virtual, and aims to drive engaging conversations for the cannabis industry and the professionals in it. As well, Cannabis Forward aims to be a place where people connect, network, learn and engage with one another.


   We apply our entirely subjective  bong score to each event 

   1 Don’t Bother Unless You Need A Well Deserved Sleep     

    2 You Might Learn Something But We Hope You Didn’t Pay For It      

   3 This is really something, interesting presenters, well worth the money, and i actually will learn something.