Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Debating Offering Tax Relief To Local Growers

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has signaled its interest in offering tax relief to local cannabis cultivators, who have joined the growing chorus of complaints from industry advocates about what they call an excessive tax burden.

The board on Tuesday asked staff to draft a resolution delaying the county-imposed tax for cannabis cultivators for one quarter, meaning growers would have to pay that installment at a later date.

Supervisors hope the delay — set to come before the board for a vote on Jan. 25 — will allow time to explore more long-term tax relief options.

“People are hurting and as other industries have been hurting with pandemics or fires, we’ve taken steps to alleviate the need and support that industry,” said Supervisor Susan Gorin. “So I think we need to do that as well.”

Like their counterparts across California, Sonoma County cannabis farmers and other industry players have been clamoring for relief from state and local taxes that they say are pushing legal growers out of business.

Local growers have ramped up their campaign against local regulation and taxes for months, but a recent cultivation-tax increase at the state level has fanned the flames.


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