One of the most popular products in the world that was always highly debated amongst millions of people is cannabis. People are constantly contemplating the possibility of its legality and most of the population believes that it should be legal. For many years, cannabis has been used to derive different forms/types of compounds, but the most famous one is marijuana. This product has been illegal on a federal level for many years. However, times have changed and some states in the US will start legalizing cannabis completely by the end of 2021.


Read on to learn more about this drug and the states that could finally make cannabis legal.

What Is Cannabis?

People need to understand what cannabis is and why some forms of it are illegal. The main aspect of cannabis is that it’s a plant and it’s used as a drug. The most famous form of it is marijuana and that form is illegal because it has high compounds of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and it induces a state of elation or euphoria. It has several forms and other effects. This is why people can use this plant as a recreational or a medicinal drug. Even though most forms that have THC can get you high, it still has other effects that can be considered medically beneficial. It can be used to relieve chronic pain, reduce anxiety, and even fight off some cancer cells in the body. The reason behind its illegal state is because of the mind-altering and intoxicating effects that it has on any person that smokes, drinks, or eats it.

What Are the Harmless Forms?

One of the harmless forms of cannabis is the Cannabidiol compound. This shouldn’t be mistaken for marijuana because it is derived from the plant differently. It’s known as CBD and it’s a specific compound that has no traces of THC, making it have none of the intoxicating effects of marijuana. This product isn’t fully legal in some regions, but it’s not illegal on a federal level either. The legality of this form has always been in some sort of limbo and uncertainty because not a lot of legislators fully understand it. There is a misconception that it’s the same as marijuana and it should be illegal, but that is a myth and it doesn’t have the same mind-altering effects as the cannabis compounds that have high doses of THC.

Why Will It Be Legal Soon?


Many people are wondering why cannabis and most of its forms will be legal soon. The reasoning behind legalizing this drug is based on several factors and the recent Covid-19 pandemic amplified the matter. This is considered to be the cannabis industry’s moment to spread and come out on top because it will be legal in several states soon. The main reason why it will be legal is that it will significantly support the American economy. So much money can be made from this industry and the country can benefit significantly from this change. With the increase of fiscal revenues, the US will have several opportunities for economic growth. This is sorely needed during this time because of the negative impacts caused by the coronavirus outbreak. 

The Specific States That might Legalize it Soon

The states that will legalize cannabis by the end of 2021 have already started on the preliminary procedures to make it official soon. Some of them have already started this year too. The states that will start legalizing the recreational use of the drug are New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, Mississippi, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, and Nebraska. This is a huge step that not a lot of people expected to see, but they are hopeful and anticipating the change to come soon. Lawmakers in different states are trying to push for more states, but some of the other states are uninterested or their efforts got shelved because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Colorado and New Jersey have put in a lot of effort in decriminalizing the drug, amending past judgments, and changing the criminal penalties of people who possessed different forms of cannabis. Georgia has lawmakers that implemented a bill that decriminalizes the drug in the police reform bills. The bill is still pending, but it’s predicted to be official by 2021. South Dakota, Mississippi, and Arizona are expected to vote for the legalization of the drug for recreational use soon. Nevada has pardoned over 15000 people that got penalized and convicted for possessing the drug. Montana and Nebraska have several legalization campaigns that are still gathering signatures, but it’s mostly for medicinal purposes.

The Financial Pressures and Job Opportunities

The United States is experiencing significant financial pressure because of the economy’s decline. But legalizing cannabis can give a lot of people several job opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic forced thousands of people to stop working and thousands more lost their jobs because of this outbreak. The country can see growth and prosperity with this change because it will improve employment rates and the country’s fiscal future at the same time. The cannabis industry is expected to reach over 30 billion dollars in 2024. Colorado alone earned 1.75 billion dollars from this industry. This financial growth is extremely appealing to legislators and lawmakers because it shows promise and hope for the country’s future. In the past, most people believed that this drug would be the country’s downfall, but that is not the case anymore in the present time. 

Several states in the US are experiencing a lot of changes and one of the most anticipated changes is coming soon. The legalization of cannabis has been wanted by a lot of Americans for many years. Some of the main states are already changing regulations and legislators are working on officially making the product legally. It is still unknown how the country will adapt after this move, but it is predicted that there will be positive changes in the US economy. Statistics have always shown a huge percentage of Americans are already partaking in several forms of cannabis. Undoubtedly, legalizing it would have beneficial effects on the country’s fiscal future.