Swiss Aim To Capture European Medical Cannabis Market

The story reveals….

The company has been setup by 31-year-old Jonas Duclos, a former banker. Duclos informed that the variety sold by his company is having legal level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD420 products are already available at 1,000 counters in Switzerland. The products sold by the Swiss aren’t marketed as medicines and this helps them escape strict scrutiny by drug agencies. The percentage of THC allowed in weed products is different in many countries across Europe.

Regarding regulations, Duclos informed, “All we need now is a real law and regulation around the use of these substances for everyone, and for authorities to apply the law and for all products to be fully controlled. A law covering every aspect so people get the cleanest product possible and can choose which THC and CBD level they want, depending on their needs.”

In the recent years, many states across the U.S. have legalized medical and recreational marijuana. This has led to major investments in marijuana-based products and commercial farms.


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