Texas Cannabis Report Ceases Publishing

Here’s his  announcement in full.

Texas Cannabis Report Ceases Publication

Dear Texas Cannabis Report Readers,

In June 2013 Texas Cannabis Report launched as a premier news agency dedicated to covering the issue of cannabis activism and policy. Texans did not have a reliable source of news in this area, prompting our formation. Six years later there has been much progress made in ensuring this under-served community has access to quality and reliable information.

Many volunteer hours have gone into this project, numerous Texans have benefited from the information we have cultivated and shared. Our efforts have been a success.

It is now time to bring to an end our efforts in this pursuit. Effective immediately, Texas Cannabis Report will cease publication. Texas Cannabis Report will be kept intact for historical purposes. Future generations will look back upon this time and wonder how Texas could have had such policy regarding cannabis, and why it required such a monumental effort to change our laws for the better. We are proud to be a historical record on this matter.

We are deeply grateful for our readers, supporters, contributors, and experiences.

Thank you for your involvement. Progress is made on the shoulders of those who come before us.

Stephen Carter
Editor in Chief

Source: http://txcann.com/texas-cannabis-report-ceases-publication/

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