At some point some important people with money in the US are going to say to Sessions enough is enough all the capital flow in the sector is between Canada and the rest of the world

Here’s the introduction to the piece

Decades have passed since the bulk of marijuana cultivation in the Americas shifted from Colombia up to Mexico. But the tides are turning again. This time, suited businesspeople, not drug cartels, are betting on a lucrative Colombian weed crop, bound for markets around the world. The investors? Many are coming from Canada.

Legislation passed in 2017 provided a framework for commercial medical cannabis cultivation, and at least six companies surpassed the licensing processing by late in the year and planted their first seedlings in December. They formed the Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries in late 2017. Of these six, three companies are headquartered in Toronto — though they were born in Colombia — underscoring the promising partnership shaping up between growers in Colombia, a nation of vintage renown for quality weed, and investors in Canada, the world’s top source of venture capital for cannabis companies. Tens of millions of dollars of Canadian capital have flowed into Colombian companies, allowing them to build robust operations ahead of any revenue.