The Cannabis Development Council of South Africa (CDCSA ) Holds Inaugural Meeting

The proposed CDCSA is an all Inclusive self regulating Cannabis Industry Association whose duly elected representatives will form part and associated with the National Hemp Foundation to help regulate and control the cannabis industry of South Africa.

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The CDCSA industry development identified activities will include:

  • Providing advice on new legislative and regulatory framework for affordable and available adult access to regulated quality Cannabis consistent with international health and safety standards.
  • Explore Institutional arrangements to give fair, equal and equitable opportunity to all who qualify to acquire licensing/permits based on merits and requirements as defined by laws and industry specific standards and vetting.
  • Keeping a central industry database of all participants throughout the value chain.
  • Protecting the SA cannabis industry from being exploited or dominated by foreign corporations;
  • Enforcing IP rights and shared benefits to Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) communities to ensure that the cannabis economy is shared equitably among all the people of South Africa, rewarding those that invest knowledge and resources.
  • Registering and monitoring all concerns to support and protection of all stakeholders.
  • Ensuring all registered members pay income, VAT and IKS tax towards the development of the local cannabis industry for all.
  • To uplift local communities through job creation, health care and education.
  • To ensure cannabis permit holders adhere to BBBEE criteria.
  • Research and development towards sustainable models, cultivar development, safety, efficacy and quality control studies, commercial exposure, laboratories, compliance, skills and technology transfer.
  • Skills transfer and Human Capacity Building to ensure that resource poor farmers and IKS communities are given fair opportunity to participate substantially in the emerging cannabis industry. This program will include public awareness campains, controlled commercial trials, training, empowering farmers, finance & SMME support, bulk buying and collective market incentives in the imminent commercialization of cannabis.
  • Minimizing harms of use especially keeping cannabis out the hands of youth.
  • Intensifying the fight to keep profits out of the hands of organized crime.
  • Implementing appropriate restrictions to minimize the harms associated with cannabis abuse.
  • Finally To make South Africa a world class economy through maximum exploration and exploitation of the potential in cannabis as a natural renewable resource used in at least 19 industries as illustrated in the diagram below:…..SEE WEBSITE


High Times mentioned them in a recent SA update article that is well worth a read below

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