Thursday, June 18, 2020 from 6:00 PM7:00 PM



Thursday is The Future of Canna Branding, Marketing and Events

Do we even know the basics like the difference between marketing and branding? These are the best and brightest around so ask away!

Canna Marketing and Branding is a topic well covered. For most, we know you know the basics so we invited a group of the best in the business to get a chance to really explore where this is all going. Learn about CPG, SEO, PPC and other key terms and concepts that are coming to define how we think and act as we market and promote. Further, now that live events, conferences, expos and festivals are not a possibility what can we do above and beyond Zoom to reach our audience and engage the community? The hurdles and obstacles are great but so too are the opportunities.

Meet Your Speakers:

Yesenia Garcia, Director of Marketing, Curaleaf

Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer, Trulieve

Rosie Mattio, Founder, MATTIO Communications

Jared Mirsky, Founder, Wick & Mortar

Evan Bopp, Founder, Potent Brands

It is important that we all stay connected, communicating and engaged. That is what CLAB does best. We are looking to put out tons of FREE content during this time and have been ramping up.
  1. If you have never attended an event before you are welcome to check one out with our compliments. Contact us for more.
  2. Members and Paid attendees can invite up to 10 guests
  3. Sponsor can invite up to 20 guests but miss the networking
  4. You can watch live via our CLAB Facebook Group