The Legal Process: Understanding Clemency, Compassionate Release, and Impact Litigation




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At Last Prisoner Project we use a multifaceted approach to addressing the disparities in sentencing for cannabis offenses and the collateral consequences of those arrests and convictions. LPP works to redress these disparities through policy reform, legislative advocacy, and impactful direct service programs that work to both release cannabis offenders from incarceration and to assist those coming out of incarceration in rebuilding their lives through reentry programs and anti-recidivism efforts.

The first step is to release those still incarcerated on cannabis offenses.

Our release efforts focus on clemency initiatives on the state and federal level, our compassionate release program, and client advocacy through our release campaigns.

On this month’s webinar we will feature three of our volunteer attorneys, each working on a different facet of LPP’s legal programs: clemency, compassionate release, and impact litigation. Tune in to get a better understanding of how each of these programs functions, and the role our pro bono partners play in bringing restorative justice to the cannabis

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