The Urinator Kit- How To Keep Urine Warm For the Drug Test?

According to the surrounding environment, urine temperature tends to fluctuate. That is the reason it is advised to always regulate the urine temperature before going for a drug test.

If the urine is not regulated properly, there are high chances of it being discoloured or destroyed. If you do not keep a check on the temperature until the whole process of drug test is finished, the chances of you getting a failed result are high.

This article has detailed information on how to keep urine warm for a drug test?

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How To Keep Urine Warm For the Drug Test?

  • Firstly, take the fresh urine sample in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Now, keep the plastic bag near your body. The best area to place the plastic bag is, on your thighs.
  • Until the drug test is performed, make sure to have the plastic bag placed on your thighs.

98.6-degree Fahrenheit is the average human body temperature. This information can be handy to keep the urine warm.


Most of the people plan well ahead and store their clean samples of urine for future drug tests. It means that you need to store the fresh sample of urine in the freezer immediately. Once, the urine sample is placed in the freezer, make it can last up to 6 months.

This can come in handy if there is any random drug test is around the corner.

Solutions to Pass the Urine Drug Test

Cheating in the urine drug test has been going on since decades. Few people can get away with it.

Most of the times, frequently asked questions regarding the urine drug test are:

Should the urine be at a body temperature?

What should be the temperature of urine for clearing the drug test? Should the temperature of urine during the entire drug test process remain the same?

One must be aware of the above questions to clear the urine drug test with ease.

Scientists came up with a lot of ways to detect fake urine samples. So, one cannot try using techniques like heating the urine in a microwave, providing synthetic samples, etc., Regulating the urine as per the body temperature is the only way to clear the drug test in a short period. However, if you were to submit the urine sample in a week, then regulating the temperature of the urine would be tough.

One of the key aspects to ensure regulation of the urine samples is to keep them in a tightly concealed container.

So, here are a few ways how you can regulate the Urine temperature for the drug test:

Use Hand Warmers 

  • To regulate the temperature of the urine and keep it warm, one of the best solutions is to use the hand warmers.
  • The urine sample must be in a small container, and the container should be wrapped in a hand warmer. This regulates the urine temperature.
  • One of the best things about hand warmers is that they can heat at different temperatures. You can use urine warmer for a drug test to maintain the temperature of the urine.


Using human body temperature for warming urine samples can be challenging at times. It is not possible for everyone to keep checking the urine temperature for longer hours. This is where the heating pads come into rescue.

The samples shouldn’t cool down to a very low level, as it might also cause the urine to be destroyed.

Heating Pads

Heating pads are another reliable solution to regulate the temperature of urine for a drug test. Heating pads are disposable packets which are small in size and can be heated using the hand temperature.

As mentioned above, use a small container to store the urine sample and heat with the hand temperature. Then wrap the container in the heating pads and use an elastic band to secure the urine sample container.

Make sure that the heating pad is not in reach of water or any other cooling substances because a drop of water can bring in a lot of alterations in the drug test results.

However, heating pads are considered to be a reliable solution to keep the urine temperature constant all time as they provide constant heat supply which is neither too much or too low to cause alterations in the urine drug test.

These are some of the ways how you can keep the urine warm for the drug test. If the urine sample needs to be submitted in a short time, then you can consider regulating the urine temperature by warming it with your body temperature. Else, you can consider buying a hand warmer or heating pads.

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