To maintain alignment with the Governor’s executive orders and CDPHE’s public health orders, today the State Licensing Authority re-adopted emergency rules in response to COVID-19. These rules are consistent with our prior-adopted emergency rules related to COVID-19.
Summary of Emergency Rules Adopted May 1, 2020
  • Public Health Orders and Executive Orders: The Emergency Rules require all Licensees to comply with applicable public health and executive orders.
  • Extension of Business and Owner License Renewal Deadlines: The Emergency Rules further extend the expiration date of Regulated Marijuana Business Licenses and Owner Licenses expiring between March 25, 2020 and May 23, 2020, providing additional time to submit renewal applications for such licenses.
  • Modifications of Premises: The Emergency Rules allow licensees to make temporary modifications to their Licensed Premises without being subject to application and approval requirements, if such modifications are for the purpose of accomplishing social distancing consistent with state-issued orders.
  • Limited Gaming Support and Key Licensees: The Emergency Rules provide a temporary allowance for persons holding a valid license issued by the Colorado Limited Gaming Commission to work in a Regulated Marijuana Business without an Employee License issued by the State Licensing Authority, subject to certain restrictions and requirements.
  • Emergency Suspension of Fingerprinting for Renewals: The Emergency Rules suspend renewal fingerprint requirements for existing Owner Licensees. Note this does not apply to new/initial applicants.
  • Social Distancing Measures: The Emergency Rules establish requirements for social distancing applicable to Regulated Marijuana Businesses and consistent with state-issued orders.
  • Medical Marijuana Stores and Retail Marijuana Stores: The Emergency Rules establish emergency allowances and restrictions for Medical and Retail Store transactions both inside and outside of the Restricted Access Area of the Licensed Premises to facilitate the implementation of social distancing measures consistent with state-issued orders.
  • Transfer of Samples for Testing: The Emergency Rules allow Samples of Regulated Marijuana for required testing to be transferred to a Medical or Retail Marijuana Testing Facility at a property that is immediately adjacent to the Licensed Premises and under the control of the Licensee (to facilitate the transfer of test samples in a manner consistent with social distancing guidelines).
The Marijuana Enforcement Division