7 March 2017

The Facebook hoax that went viral (again) over the weekend that Tommy Chong succumbed to prostate cancer is fake news in its finest form according to  this report on Inquisitr

His response ..

“I’m not dead but I just smoked a killer joint… Don’t believe the [expletive] about me being dead. I am still here. I’m stoned but I am not dead… “

Meanwhile he’s to be found  on stage later in the year in Berlin at the ICBC event

“Germany will be rolling out their new medical marijuana system (similar to Canada’s federally regulated system) 3 weeks prior to the ICBC Berlin, Europe’s first business-to-business cannabis event. Put yourself in the middle of the world’s newest and biggest emerging market, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin!”

More at http://internationalcbc.com/bios/