While the market is overflooded with diverse weed strains, there are a few winsome products that reign consumers’ hearts. We are absolutely pleased to put forth a comprehensive list of the most efficacious strains, featuring mind-boggling after-effects and intense flavor. Each product has its own range of benefits — some deliver lasting psychoactive effects, while others give out an amazing boost of energy. So, let’s check out what we have put together for you.

1)      Acreage Pharms Glacier Freeze

Everyone from beginner to advanced level users will appreciate what this strain has to offer — high THC concentration ranges from 13% to 22%. Depending on the THC potency, the high lasts for a considerable time while keeping your body in a tranquil state. For this reason, it can treat insomnia once and for all by taking away the users’ worries and relaxing the body and mind at the same time.

The plant gives off a signature odor that may not be very pleasant to whiff but certainly has a sweet note. Many users have claimed that Glacier Freeze enhances their appetite and keeps their body functioning properly. That is only when you are consuming it the right way — through a quality vaporizer. These devices are inherently efficient at harnessing the weed’s true potential.

2)      Arora Temple Hybrid

A hybrid Sativa dominant weed strain, Temple Hybrid reeks of pine and earthy aroma. The plant features high CBD and low THC concentration, making it an ideal candidate for medicinal and super introspective high. Even if the world’s in utter chaos, it can put you at ease in no time. That is why it also suits people suffering from crippling anxiety and persistent stress.

It kicks in with a light feeling in the head, alleviating worries off your mind and putting you in a restful state. As a result, you feel surprisingly happy and euphoric — not to forget, it also skyrockets your energy levels, filling you up with liveliness. Your mind will feel as relaxed as it has never been before.

You can either enjoy the delightful taste and bewitching aroma while watching TV, listening to your favorite soundtracks, or even working. It will keep you motivated, focused, and incredibly energetic to overcome problems with utmost ease.

3)      Altavie – Campfire

If you are looking for a mellow high that doesn’t overpower your senses, this is an ideal product for you. With low THC and CBD concentration — 4.45% and 6.91% respectively — Campfire makes it easy for beginners to adapt. Although the effects are moderate, they last for a long time.

You may not fall in love with the aroma, but you can surely enjoy the piney and earthy flavor. It will take your tastebuds on a roller-coaster of natural savor. As the name suggests, the product fires up a burst of mind-altering flavors in your mouth.

Expectantly, the strain is remedial against stress and can put you to sleep, making it effective against insomniac conditions. However, you would be needing a Quality e cig to put its therapeutic terpenes to use. These gadgets come in a myriad of shapes and designs, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. Cull the product that suits your cannabis needs the best.

4)      Sour Kush

It is a hybrid that gives out balanced benefits of both Indica and Sativa — the physical effects of the latter and the heady effects of the former. You may feel euphoric and drowsy at the same time, which is why it could be your go-to strain before bedtime. It effectively treats insomnia, stress, depression, and can alleviate chronic pain as well. Since CBD levels are incredibly low in this strain, it cannot help you with major problems like seizures. If you seek intense therapeutic effects, you may want to choose a strain that is high in CBD.

One of the major highlights to this cannabis strain is the distinctive odor. Some may relative it to tree fruit, whereas others find it minty. As for the taste, users fuel and fruits, depending on the dosage.

5)      Aurora THC Indica Aces

After an exhausting workday, all you need is a peaceful time to unwind and relax. Here, Aurora Indica Aces can relieve you of stress, thereby calming your nerves down. Even during the high, you are perfectly in function and can perform any task you want with creativity and zest. Although the after-effects are intense, they don’t last long.

Is it any surprise that this strain is ideal for both before going to bed and after waking up? That is because of the perfect equilibrium between the energizing and relaxing effects.

The taste is what you might have already expected — earthy tone with a sweet note. To fully experience the natural flavors, use branded vaporizer that can draw out and harness the full potency of the plant.