Tory Party Deputy Chairman’s Cuz Will Be Trying To Import Medical Cannabis From Sierra Leone

The Mail reports…..He has described smoking marijuana as a ‘waste of money’. So Tory Party Deputy Chairman James Cleverly could be forgiven for having doubts about his cousin’s new business venture – importing cannabis to Britain.

Chris Cleverly is executive chairman of little-known London-based agriculture firm Block Commodities, which on Wednesday became one of the few British companies to obtain a licence to grow the controversial plant.


Block Commodities, which counts former Tory MP Mark Simmonds as a director, wants to import the cannabis from Sierra Leone, where Chris and James’s mothers are from, to Europe and the UK so it can be used in cannabis-based medicines. Chris and James’s British fathers are brothers and their mothers are best friends.

Tory Party Deputy Chairman James Cleverly’s cousin is executive chairman of little-known London-based agriculture firm Block Commodities – which is legally allowed to grow cannabis

It is understood that any cannabis the company grows and imports will be only for medicinal products.

Last year, products using cannabidiol, also known as CBD, the cannabis extract used for treatments, became available on the NHS as Britain joined other European countries in relaxing rules on such medicines. Patients can get a prescription through the NHS to treat epilepsy or nausea caused by chemotherapy, but only if other treatments have not worked.

Chris Cleverly said his politician cousin knew nothing of the deal and was busy dealing with Brexit

Block Commodities has referred to itself as a ‘pot stock’ because its shares are listed on the NEX Exchange, an obscure London stock exchange. The average investor can buy and sell Block Commodities shares, but it is not a very liquid market, meaning it can be hard to sell them.

The company, which specialises in agriculture in Africa, has decided to focus on the cannabis market and has agreed to pay £4 million in shares to buy Greenbelt Company.

Last year Greenbelt was given the go-ahead by the Sierra Leone government to grow, process and export cannabis on 4,000 acres of farmland.

Block Commodities said that it wanted to ‘fast-track and streamline operations’ as soon as the deal was completed.

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