First up it’s to Alaska

Alaskan delegation pushes parallel cannabis bills

Where will state and federal law collide when it comes to marijuana laws?

That’s the question Sen. Lisa Murkowski put to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein June 13 during a Senate appropriations subcommittee meeting.

Next Stop  South Africa

Protesters march on Durban hemp plantation for dagga equality

South Africa’s cannabis community wants to know why they are being arrested for lighting up a joint when a “legal cannabis plantation” is quietly growing in a greenhouse next to Durban’s King Shaka International Airport.

In March this year the Western Cape High Court ruled that laws prohibiting the use of cannabis and the possession‚ purchase or cultivation of it in private homes and for personal consumption were unconstitutional.

Meanwhile in South Carolina they wonder if the nascent hemp industry can do the same for textile mills as cannabis has done for the commercial warehouse real estate market in legalized states

South Carolina Governor Signs Industrial Hemp Law,64d5b7a2-ae20-6a80-d042-e78a863aff29

“As growers come aboard and products are developed, the industry has a chance to both add to a farmer’s bottom line and perhaps breathe life into some of South Carolina’s abandoned textile mills,” explained State Sen. Danny Verdin, chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. “This very slow and heavy regulated approach will quickly evolve into a valuable industry. Imagine if we could actually make textiles in our textile mills again.”

Oregon is also acting on Hemp

Oregon lawmakers vote to ease industrial hemp restrictions

SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon House approved legislation Thursday paving the way for continued growth in the state’s newest agriculture industry. SB 1015 eases restrictions on the sale of industrial hemp products by allowing growers to sell their crops to OLCC-licensed processors, who would then be allowed to put industrial hemp products up for sale in licensed retail locations.

“There are now 177 licensed industrial hemp growers in our state who are excited to jump into the 2017 growing season,” said Representative Carl Wilson (R-Grants Pass). “The continued growth of this industry has the potential to bring good-paying jobs and new economic development to communities around the state, and particularly those in our rural communities.