UK: Council Staff smuggled 60kg Cocaine Haul into Heathrow Airport

Two Sandwell Council staff members plotted to smuggle 60 kilograms worth of drugs from Mexico to Heathrow Airport.

wo council staff members who were part of a plot to smuggle cocaine and amphetamine from Mexico into Heathrow Airport have been jailed for a total of 24 years.

Sundeep Singh Rai and his accomplice Billy Hayre – who both worked for Sandwell Council – were members of a gang that smuggled 30kg of cocaine and 30kg of amphetamine into the UK.

National Crime Agency investigators knew the drugs were due to be smuggled into the country by an organised crime group.

They provided intelligence to Border Force officers, who discovered the drugs after a flight landed at Heathrow Airport on May 26, 2022.

The Class A drugs were seized before NCA investigators allowed the empty consignment to continue with its journey so they could monitor it.

It was collected from a cargo holding area bay and placed into a white van on June 8.

Officers tracked the van to Greet Green Industrial Estate in West Bromwich.

Rai and Hayre then unloaded the van and took the drugs to an industrial unit.

The council housing officers took delivery of what they believed was another drugs haul the next day.

They were busted when they were spotted unloading the shipment, which actually contained bananas. Rai and Hayre were then arrested.

Council Staff smuggled 60kg Drugs Haul into Heathrow Airport

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