Female First reports …………..

The 84-year-old TV star’s image has been used in a series of adverts that have appeared on Facebook, with the ads claiming that cannabis oil products have helped Mary to remain in good health.

In response, a statement on her website reads: “Mary has been upset to learn companies are still using her image to advertise products like skin cream without permission.


“Please be aware these are not genuine endorsements and Mary is not affiliated with the sellers. We’d advise people not to click on the links or buy these products.”

One of the sellers is reported to be this company, Bionic Bliss

The statement subsequently urged the public to report dodgy adverts to Facebook.

CBD – which is a natural compound found in cannabis and hemp – is often used to treat conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Source:  https://www.femalefirst.co.uk/tv/news/mary-berry-feels-appalled-name-used-promote-cannabis-oil-products-1233524.html