UK: Medical Patient Calls Police Over Neighbour Harrassment .. Police Confiscate Medical Cannabis

High & Polite on busybody neighbours and untrained police.

The perfect storm for medical cannabis patients in the UK

A fully legal medical cannabis patient in the UK has had his medication seized by police officers after he called them to report harassment from his neighbours.


Posting on the subreddit r/UKmedicalcannabis, user u/RespectYarn says his legally prescribed cannabis flower was seized by Norfolk Police after he reported his neighbours for harassing him – ironically, over his medical cannabis use.

The post is titled: “My Adven 17 [medical cannabis product] was seized at my home today following my reporting of a harassment issue from my neighbours (stemming from their issue around smelling cannabis immediately outside my property).”

There are two videos of the incident posted on YouTube, where you can clearly see that the officers in attendance have little knowledge of the fact that medical cannabis has been legal in the UK since 2018 and that cannabis flower can be legally prescribed by private clinics.

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Police Seize Legal Medical Cannabis After Patient Called Them To Report Harassment

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