UK: Socially awkward cocaine dealer spared jail after ‘inexcusible delay in police bringing case to court’

Ayoung man who spent much of his childhood playing computer games and struggled to make friends was “pressured” into selling cocaine, a court heard. Connor Jack was 21 when he was stopped by police and found to be high on cocaine and cannabis while also in possession of £320 cash and more than £600 worth of cocaine.

They also found two phones on him. One showed bulk buys of the class A drug, and the second had been used by Jack to communicate with his clients who were buying the drug from him. He appeared at Leicester Crown Court for sentencing on Wednesday, where Recorder Justin Wigoder told him that the sentencing guidelines suggested that, even with his guilty plea, he could expect to go to jail for three years for possessing class A drugs with intent to supply.

But the judge took pity on Jack after hearing about the struggles that led to him getting involved in the trade. The court heard that Jack, an only child living with his mum and step-father, had suffered “adverse childhood experiences” and spent a lot of time playing computer games, which meant he struggled to form friendships or relationships. However, he was welcomed by a group who “picked up on his vulnerability and naivety” and got him into selling drugs, his barrister Natalie Goffe told the court.


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