UK – Wales: Dealer caught selling cocaine on CCTV in Cardiff city centre

Adrug dealer was caught on CCTV dealing cocaine before being searched by police who found wraps of drugs. He was also found to have sent out text bombs advertising Class A drugs.

Luis Thomas, 20, was seen in Cardiff city centre on November 28 last year when he was picked up by a CCTV operator at around midday. Another man was seen passing cash to the defendant, who was riding a bike, and the other man was seen placing something in a pipe while sitting on a table outside a café.

A sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court heard Thomas was seen again taking money from another man in the same location. The customer was later seen trying to break something up and placed it in a pipe.

Police were called and Thomas was identified and searched. He was found in possession of four wraps of cocaine and a black Nokia mobile phone and £150 in cash. The defendant was taken to Cardiff Bay police station and was found to be wearing three pairs of trousers. In the second pair of trousers police found a lock knife.

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