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Considered as one of the boldest political moves by the Liberal Democrats party chief Farron has already announced that he will call and support the legal regulation of recreational marijuana use.

According to The Guardian, Farron will endorse a motion during spring conference that aims to extend its support for the legalization of the use of medical and recreational marijuana. Norman Lamb, former health minister, is set to table the motion after the issue has been debated. Members of an expert panel will be appointed by Lib Dems studied and examined how a legal market of its legal use would work in the United Kingdom.

The panel has found out that if cannabis were to be legalized, it would save the exchequer more than £1 billion annually. The legalization could potentially make between £400 million to £900 million in tax revenues. If its use will be legalized, money spent on the justice system will be saved.

According to a post by Vox, legalizing marijuana in the United Kingdom could do wonders for its government. If removed from the black market and taxed, it could add billions to the Treasury’s receipts.

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