Uruguay: 10% THC Approved.. To Be Available Via Retail in 2022

The Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA) approved the development of a new variant of recreational cannabis to be sold in pharmacies in Uruguay.

Thus, the new genetics will have 10% THC , a moderate value for some international standards, but much higher than that of Alpha and Beta, the variants available in Uruguay, with 1% and 2%, respectively.

Meanwhile, in dialogue with a local station, Radio said that it is a “very positive resolution.”

“We have more than 42,000 people registered to buy in pharmacies and they weren’t buying. I believe that with this we are going to try to recover this market, which could have gone to illicit traffic or other forms of access to the regulated market, ”the official developed.

Thus, according to La Diaria , the new cultivar will begin to be sold in 2022.

Source:  https://elplanteo.com/uruguay-cannabis-thc/?mc_cid=262a086d75&mc_eid=ffca6542f9

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