Adherence Compliance have developed, as far as we are aware, the first predictive and machine learning algorithms for the marijuana Industry.

Following is their press release in full.

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Adherence Compliance, the creator of the cannabis industry’s first mobile and cloud native app for marijuana regulatory and financial compliance, today announced its enterprise architecture will leverage predictive and machine learning algorithms to assist stakeholders of marijuana business risk.

Adherence is leveraging algorithms and its compliance data to predict what categories a specific marijuana license is mostly likely to fail in next.

“How will a Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Cultivation Center in San Jose, California fail tomorrow or next week? That’s the question that can save marijuana stakeholders tens of thousands of dollars in fines, penalties and corrective actions. Who are the stakeholders of marijuana business risk? Owners, investors, regulatory agencies, banks and financial institutions, insurance providers, real estate investment trusts, attorneys, CPAs and more.

Based on Adherence big data and our algorithms, we can provide insight and predictive, actionable intelligence. It’s the new frontier for marijuana compliance,” said Steve Owens, CEO and Founder of Adherence Compliance.

Adherence Compliance partnered exclusively with Amazon Web Services and Apple Developer to deliver the cannabis industry’s first fully automated, cloud native enterprise compliance platform and inspection application. The Adherence SCORE App, available on the Apple App Store, has processed more than 600 marijuana compliance inspections since 2014. As an example, a Medical Cultivation Center located in Denver, Colorado has approximately 300 regulatory compliance requirements at the city, county and state level.

The Adherence SCORE App collects infractions, information, notes and photos for an inspection and returns a compliance score and a detailed report in micro-seconds.

“Adherence Compliance is unlocking the value of our empirical data, or observational evidence, which has the most statistical significance. Our algorithms, or artificial intelligence, can learn from and make predictions on data. Given past inspection data on a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, in-progress inspection results and failure statistics in the same compliance category across multiple markets or jurisdictions, Adherence can provide predictions where a specific license may fail next. More and more predictions lead to machine learning, which is our Enterprise Compliance Platform’s ability to learn without explicitly being programmed,” said Owens.

About Adherence Compliance

Adherence is the leading provider of cannabis compliance software, training services, business templates, licensing, application support and consulting services for stakeholders of marijuana regulatory and financial

risk. For more information, please contact or 720-616-3900 to learn more.

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Here’s the press release as a pdf 

Adherence Compliance Announces Artificial Intelligence for Cannabis Compliance