13 January 2017



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Constitutional Connections: Marijuana regulation and federalism



These States Will Consider Changes to Their Cannabis Laws in 2017

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Top 6 Marijuana Bills to Follow


Lawmakers have been busy introducing a variety of marijuana bills since the election. While there is no guarantee that any of these bills will actually become laws, a perusal of the bills introduced offers useful insight into how the decisions made regarding cannabis might affect our lives more immediately than the slow churn of Washington, D.C.


People of Color Release First-Ever Marijuana Bill Prioritizing Industry Equity


Washington D.C. — A group of cannabis business owners, policy makers and activists has drafted the first-ever cannabis bill that emphasizes ensuring that communities that have been harmed by racial disparities in drug law enforcement can benefit from growth in the cannabis sector, through business ownership, employment and tax appropriations. At least two policymakers already plan to champion the bill into enactment.



Industrial Hemp May Make It’s Way To Alaska


Palmer Republican Shelley Hughes introduced a proposal recently (Senate Bill 6) that would Permit for the creation of an Alaska hemp industry fully separate from commercial cannabis. Hughes said she introduced the proposal after hearing from farmers in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough who would like to cultivate hemp, particularly to feed livestock. Hughes said, “I’m hoping it maybe, in a small way, opens up an economic opportunity for Alaskans.” She noted the vast array of goods that can be created from hemp (some estimate more than 25,000 possible products) including food and construction materials.


Colorado Senate Passes Social Use Bill


As it stands now, SB184 defines marijuana clubs as a private club with membership fees, where adults can consume cannabis as long as it is out of “public view”. It would require that all employees and members be age 21 or older, and employees must be residents of Colorado. Owners of clubs must have been residents of the state for a minimum of 2 years. While establishments would have to adhere to the Clean Air laws, if the business had less than 3 employees it could permit smoking indoors – which is the only aspect that Governor Hickenlooper doesn’t support.


Legalizing marijuana gets attention of Connecticut lawmakers

Legalizing marijuana gets attention of Connecticut lawmakers

Connecticut’s continuing fiscal woes, coupled with a new law that fully takes effect next year in neighboring Massachusetts, have prompted state lawmakers to take their most serious look yet at possibly legalizing the recreational use of marijuana for adults.

Several bills with bipartisan support that sanction the retail sale and cultivation of pot are currently progressing through the General Assembly. The first bill drew dozens of supporters last week at a Public Health Committee hearing, many lauding the legislation as a way to regulate an illegal industry and potentially deliver millions of dollars for the state’s coffers.

Connecticut eyes legalizing recreational marijuana to solve budget woes




Florida medical cannabis bills make for hazy business climate



Marijuana decriminalization bill moves to Senate


State senators from the Seacoast say they plan to vote in favor of legislation to decriminalize marijuana in New Hamphire after the bill passed the House overwhelmingly this week.

Sens. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, Dan Innis, R-New Castle, and David Watters, D-Dover, said this week they intend to support the decriminalization bill, House Bill 640, which passed by a vote of 318-36 Wednesda



New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed Senate Bill 6 on Saturday, which would have authorized the state to adopt a pilot industrial hemp program, NPR-affiliate KWRG reports. According to the report, the Republican governor offered no explanation for vetoing the measure, which passed both chambers of the legislature overwhelmingly.



North Carolina Greenlights Industrial Hemp Program


Ohio increases planned medical marijuana shops by 33 percent


The updated rules released by the state pharmacy board allow for at least 60 marijuana dispensaries, rather than the 40 originally set


Rhode Island Attorney General launches anti-recreational marijuana legalization campaign


PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island’s attorney general has launched a campaign against the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state.

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, a Democrat, announced a new coalition of legal pot opponents Thursday.

Legislators in the Democratic-controlled General Assembly have been considering marijuana legalization more seriously since the November election, when Massachusetts voters approved a ballot measure legalizing recreational pot in their state.


Texas Cannabis Report

Texas hemp bill filed at last minute


A bill to legalize industrial hemp was filed a day before the deadline to submit legislation in Texas House of Representatives.

Filed by Rep. Bill Zedler, a Republican from Arlington, HB 3587 would allow licensed Texas farmers to grow hemp, a product which can be bought and consumed for a number of uses already.

A licensing fee will be set by the Texas Department of Agriculture upon passage, and it also allows the department and institutions of higher education to grow the plant for research purposes.