Coast Guard Says Few People Know Pot Laws On Land Differ From Laws On Water


Smoking marijuana on a boat in federally patrolled waters remains illegal, in spite of the recent decriminalization of pot in New Hampshire and its legalization in Maine and Massachusetts, warned U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Andrew Barresi.

“The Coast Guard still enforces federal law, which has not changed,” Barresi said. “Federal law says it’s illegal, in any quantities.”

And there’s no exemption for medical marijuana, said Barresi about federal law, which supersedes state laws.


State Bill SB 162 Aims To Curb Cannabis Marketing


State Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, is the sponsor of SB162, which would prohibit licensed cannabis businesses from selling or giving away promotional hats, T-shirts or any branded merchandise that bears the name or logo of a cannabis company or product.

Allen and his allies say the bill, which in May passed the Senate in a 40-0 vote, is meant to protect children from potentially harmful marketing practices. But for some whose businesses would be affected, the bill is seen as quashing free speech.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Patrick Woods, co-owner of Lightningbug Branding, a Seattle maker of promotional products primarily for the cannabis industry, including several customers in California. “This tells small businesses that they can’t advertise or promote themselves.”

Ganjapreneur report…

San Francisco Officials Move to Ban New Dispensaries Until Rec. Rules Developed


San Diego

San Diego marijuana firms object to new regulatory proposals

City of Bellflower

The City of Bellflower is a growing economic Los Angeles suburb with a population of over 130,000 and growing 10% annually year after year.  Recently, Bellflower passed a local ordinance which will allow for 12 licenses for dispensaries, cultivators and processors.  Regardless of the type of canna-business, the application process and Business Development plan are the same. The city has agreed to review applications on a First-in/First-out basis.  Start-ups and investors will need to work quickly to successfully navigate Bellflower’s regulations and approval procedures to ensure they become a leading candidate in the application process.  


Craigslist asks marijuana businessman Craig Taliaferro to cease and desist using his name

SAN DIEGO, California, July 18, 2017 — Craigsweed.com announces it has changed its name to GanjaRoad.com to prevent any unintended confusion with online classified website, craigslist.org.

Recently, craigslist.org issued a “cease and desist” warning to Craigsweed.com President Craig Taliaferro regarding the use of website address Craigsweed.com. The letter asked Taliaferro to stop using the Craigsweed.com domain name as it “willingly confuses people into thinking it is affiliated with craigslist.”

While initially frustrated at not being able to use his own name, Taliaferro – a nearly 50 year veteran of the cannabis industry – decided to change the company name despite having invested significant resources into launching the startup. The name change to GanjaRoad.com has already taken effect.

Craigsweed.com launched the Beta version of its site in November of 2016 and its social media marketing in February of this year. After reaching out to other recipients of craigslist legal tactics, the decision was made to secure a new name and begin rebranding the company to GanjaRoad.com.

“We weren’t happy about it and felt we should be able to use Craig’s name but decided rather than fight this giant we would change the name to GanjaRoad.com”, said Vice President Charlice Arnold. “As we’ve traveled to trade shows and spoken to people throughout the industry, the response has been great for us providing a site that allows people worldwide to find anything related to cannabis in one convenient online platform. GanjaRoad.com will allow us to continue building on the momentum we’ve created.”

Since the site’s launch, advertisers have been offered free ads while GanjaRoad.com focuses on growing the user base and online traffic. The site has already changed its name and references to the former site name are being scrubbed from the portal and its social media pages.


Dear Marijuana Industry Stakeholder:

Pursuant to subsection 24-4-103(2), C.R.S., the Marijuana Enforcement Division (Division) is facilitating stakeholder work groups to discuss draft rules for the Division’s 2017 rulemaking session, for which the Division sought stakeholder participation requests.

The announcements for the following work groups are attached: (BELOW)

  1. Legislation Implementation: HB17-1034; SB17-192; SB17-187; and
  2. Labeling and Packaging.

Please note that participants for the additional following work groups are expected to be announced the week of July 24, 2017:

  1. Legislation Implementation: HB17-1367 (meets twice); and
  2. General Catch-All: Other Rule Updates.

We appreciate the interest expressed by stakeholders who requested to participate on a work group panel. Interested parties are encouraged to take an active role in the rulemaking process by attending work group meetings and offering verbal comments during the public comment portion of the meetings. Interested parties may also submit written comments to the Division concerning all rules subject to the State Licensing Authority’s consideration.


The Marijuana Enforcement Division

170721 Work Group Announcement_Leg. Implementation Aug. 31 17
170721 Work Group Announcement_Labeling & Packaging Aug. 31 17


Article:  What Maine’s recreational marijuana market will look like

What Maine’s recreational marijuana market will look like


Lawyers in Massachusetts MMJ-Employment Case Explain Significance of Ruling



This Marijuana Merger Is Bringing More Than Just Excitement To The Table

A Tempe, Arizona based company named Harvest of Arizona with retail shops throughout Tempe and Scottsdale, has announced a merger this past Tuesday that would in turn make it one of the largest companies in the growing industry.

The deal will in theory be a benefit to the state’s already registered 115,000 patients by lowering prices and bringing with it more variety than ever.


Oregon Legislation Prohibits Cannabis Stores from Collecting, Retaining Customer Data


Under Senate Bill 863, the state now prohibits pot stores from recording, retaining or transferring any customer information.

“We had to purge our entire database,” said Brie Malarkey, owner of Breeze Botanicals in Gold Hill and Ashland. “It was tough. We had a lot of people upset. They wanted to know where all loyalty points went.”


MMJ Legislation Reintroduced in U.S. Virgin Islands