The UK’s Daily Star report on  UK criminals now connecting with growers in California to smuggle best quality cannabis into the UK. Here at CLR we’ve heard similar with Oregon grown cannabis.


“It can be flown back or shipped – which is often less risky – and sold anonomously online.”

Our investigators found several sites where UK dealers offered weed sourced in California.

One promised: “Certified Jungle Boys TLC collective, Cali to London.”

Another offered: “Exclusive high end products. Open 10am to 10pm.”

The source said: “The best way to make money is to open an Instagram store anonymously from where you can post it to buyers.

“People will pay once they know you’re a trusted vendor.”

The Jungle Boys focus on exotic and rare strains and are recognised as one of the top cannabis growers in the world. The Los Angeles producers have their own “flavors” including one created with the rapper Berner.