Alaska Cannabis Sales Decline in November; Still Mark Second Highest Totals



Title: How will Florida’s marijuana industry be affected by the change in federal policies?

Author: Miami Herald

Date: 4 January 2018


Extract: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday rescinded several Justice Department policies that gave states and deep-pocketed investors the comfort to create and invest in legal marijuana markets. His action left thousands of cannabis patients in Florida and around the country uncertain about whether their medication will once again be treated like an illicit narcotic by federal authorities.



Title:  New federal pot policy unlikely to affect Illinois medical marijuana; legalization push continues

Author: Chicago Tribune

Date: 4 January 2018


Extract: Members of Illinois’ medical marijuana industry say they’re disappointed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move to allow more aggressive enforcement of marijuana laws — but business operators maintain existing laws will protect them.

And one of the sponsors of a proposal to legalize recreational pot in Illinois says the federal shift won’t derail the bill’s chances.

“They’re trying to put the genie back in the bottle, and it’s going to be a challenge for them to accomplish,” said state Sen. Heather Steans, a Chicago Democrat.




Title: Cannabis oil openly sold by Iowa stores without state permits, despite legal questions

Author: Des Moines Register

Date: 4 January 2015


Extract: Iowans who want to buy cannabis oil to treat a range of ailments don’t have to wait a year for state officials to set up a tightly regulated distribution system – because versions of the products already are for sale on store shelves.

State and federal officials say the oils, known as cannabidiol or CBD, are marijuana products that shouldn’t be sold in unregulated stores. “It’s illegal,” said Andrew Funk, executive director of the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. Police in two towns have recently seized products from store shelves.



Title: State lawmaker slams Sessions’ action on marijuana, urges protection of medical cannabis users

Author: The New Mexican

Date: 4 January 2018


Extract: A Southern New Mexico state lawmaker on Thursday criticized U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new policy rolling back Obama-era protections for states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, calling the actions “sick and wrong.”

Rep. Bill McCamley, D-Las Cruces, said in a statement that he’ll be introducing a memorial during the upcoming legislative session “requesting the rest of the House defend the right of New Mexicans to use medicinal cannabis legally without being put in to Federal Prison.”


Vermont House Passes Revised Adult-Use Bill; Moves to Senate


Delay in Washington state’s marijuana seed-to-sale system causes diversion concerns

Marijuana Producers, Processors and Retailers Bulletin No. 18-01

To: Marijuana Industry Members
From: Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB)
Subject: Five Products Contain Undisclosed Pesticide Ingredients

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has detected residues of one or more undisclosed pesticide ingredients in the below five products. The WSDA has issued Stop Sale, Use or Removal Orders for these products, and these products are not allowed for use on marijuana in Washington until further notice.

Several of these products contain pesticide ingredients that are not allowed for use on marijuana. Pesticide ingredients that are not allowed for use on marijuana could result in the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) confiscating and destroying marijuana if they are found on products above the pesticide action levels adopted by the WSLCB (refer to WAC 314-55-108). In addition, pesticide ingredients that are not allowed for use on marijuana could cause marijuana to fail the Washington State Department of Health pesticide testing requirements for compliant marijuana products (refer to WAC 246-70-050).

The WSDA will be working with the registrants, manufacturers, and other agencies to resolve this issue.


1.    Bud Factor X, WA Reg. No. 1465-0111

2.    Finisher 0.0083-0.011-0.0505, WA Reg. No. 2067-0025

3.    Honey Chome 0.5-0.5-1, WA Reg. No. 2800-0010

4.    King Kola 0.3-2-3, WA Reg. No. 2800-0008

Unregistered Products:

1.    Root Wizard, unregistered product

Action Required


  • Immediately discontinue use of these products and remove these products from the licensed premises.
  • Advise all processors to whom you have sold marijuana treated with these products that the marijuana may have been treated with pesticide ingredients that are not allowed.


  • Provide a notice about the possible use of pesticide ingredients that are not allowed to retailers who carry your products that may have been treated with these products.


  • Post the notice provided by the processor in a conspicuous location on your licensed premises.


  • For information regarding the Stop Sale, Use or Removal Orders, please contact Tim Schultz, WSDA, Phone: 509-533-2686, Email:
  • For information regarding the registration of pesticides and fertilizers, please contact the WSDA Pesticide and Fertilizer Registration Section, Phone: 360-902-2025, Email for pesticide registration:, Email for fertilizer registration:
  • For any other questions, please contact your Liquor and Cannabis Board enforcement officer.