A cannabis company says their Portland-based warehouse and distribution center was the target of a $1 million marijuana heist.

Fox12 Oregon reports..

The Shadow Box Farms was burglarized during the last weekend of October, its president, Tim Winner, said.

“They did a two-day operation,” Winner said. “They cut through the bars, dropped a ladder and went to town.”

According to Winner, the southeast Portland office that was broken into processes and packages products sourced from their grow operation in southern Oregon.

The thieves got inside the building through a skylight and cut through steel bars below, Winner said.

“They knew what they were doing,” Winner said. “They were pros.”

Surveillance video of the break-in, which Winner shared with FOX 12, appears to show one thief climbing down a ladder before stacking up multiple boxes and disabling a surveillance camera. The thief’s eyes can be seen looking right into the lens before the video goes dark.

More at: https://www.kptv.com/news/who-stole-m-in-marijuana-from-a-portland-cannabis-company/article_c9cad834-0c2a-11ea-ba09-67821dbd1a11.html